We’re Going LONG HAUL

All I want for Christmas is … 24 hours on a plane with a baby!?

Yup. We’re doing it. Leaving on a jet plane and zooming over the oceans and through the timezones to spend Christmas in its ‘proper’ home, the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a cool 28 hours (give or take) door-to-door. I won’t lie when I tell you, I’m NOT looking forward to the journey.

The airline has helpfully declined to guarantee a bassinet. This is particularly excellent, as from what I’ve read, a bassinet is crucial. In light of Little Bun’s recent ‘restlessness’, I am praying we get one … how times change! A few years ago I was dedicating the same energy to wishing for an upgrade. Now, I don’t give a hoot where we’re sitting, as long as my daughter has somewhere to sleep.

Having said that, some babies hate the bassinet and it just becomes another storage unit for toys / nappies / empty vodka bottles (ahem).

Anyone have any first-hand experience of this particular type of travel hell experience? I’ve found a bunch of blogs with helpful tips, so we’ll stock up on changes of clothes and ‘quiet’ toys.

I think the best thing to do is expect the worst, hope for the best.

And hey, it’s only 24 hours, right? Just don’t get me started on dealing with baby jet lag and how that affects sleep patterns … !!!!!