about me

I’m a thirty-mumble-year-old Australian lass who makes a seriously mean G&T.

For years I’ve played around in my chosen field of work wankery (that’d be Advertising to you), which is why I swear like a trooper and don’t believe anything I see on the telly.

I have one house (I think we technically own four doorknobs and the windowframes), one dog (the worse case of canine neuroses you’ve ever seen) and one screaming addiction to parentheses (if you hadn’t guessed by now).

I’ve been married for three years to the pretty fabulous Mr Bun. And, we tried to make just one goddamn baby for nearly as long (was it too much to ask?)

In 2011, we became one of ‘those couples’ (hated ’em!) … we fell pregnant naturally in between IVF cycles. There was never any explanation of our infertility, and certainly no explanation of our fertility. Nine months later, a Little Bun was born and a new chapter was cracked open.

This is my blog. Hello.


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