Make Like A Swan

Life keeps on keeping on, doesn’t it? When it starts getting easy, we humans generally just go and make it hard again. Guess that’s what keeps us living, as opposed to just being meaty breathing machines.

I’ve finished my first week as a working mumma. It was HAA-AAARD (she whines, to a world of, “Well – duh‘s” …)

It’s only a week in and working has already changed the dynamic between Mr Bun and I. There’s definitely more tension: we’re both tired and working hard and it’s difficult not to be short with each other. But we also have so much more to talk about, the relationship feels richer again. We’re even more of a team now, playing the juggling game together.

And then there’s my baby. My love, my daughter. Oh, my darling. I crave her throughout the day. I do my grownup thing, and wear heels and makeup and joke and berate and negotiate and email and present and through it all, my heart sings for my little girl. I am missing the little moments throughout the day, the pure intimacy of spending every moment together – drinking in my girl. Now I am realising just how fast she is growing, because I am catching up, instead of being there when it happens.

But leaving Little Bun has been easier than I expected, mostly because she’s used to those caring for her, so departures haven’t been too traumatic. I think this may change as she starts to become used to the new routine.

Leaving work at 5.30 on the dot? Much, much harder than I expected. Me and my jobshare twin have landed in a typhoon of big projects with short timelines and little support team. I am working full bore, head down, arse up, no-time-for-a-wee hard. Sprinting until 5.30, then sprinting home, then sprinting through bath-bottle-bed-dishes-laundry-dinner-more work-emails-teeth-face-bed-START AGAIN.


I am going to have to embrace working after LB goes down to bed, and for the time being, being on phone/email on my ‘off’ days and weekends. Just to get through this initial few months. Just to prove to the office and the bosses with wives at home that job sharing is a good thing, and Mums who leave at 5.30 can still kick arse. To prove to the other women in the office that it CAN be done. To prove to myself that I can do both.

This is it. This is the new reality. I’m going to have to make like a swan and keep smiling up top, while paddling like crazy down below.


2 thoughts on “Make Like A Swan

  1. OH.MY.GOD I hear you!

    I have been working one day a week from February but it has almost been like play acting because I was coming back early to help them out so I had a little bit of leeway up my sleeve, a fall back when I couldn’t get things done in time. This week is my first full three day week and the dynamics have changed.

    People are expecting things again and I have no excuses.

    And how hard is the whole part time work away from mum thing. It is a different level of hard to a stay at home mum. Stay at home is hard as well but at least you don’t feel like you are failing as a mum and failing as an employee.

    To top it off Chippie is working away from home and I am doing the whole thing on my own. Combined with the end of day light savings and the same work after Molly goes to bed was a wee bit difficult.

    Sending you lots of support!!!

    • I feel for you doing three days a week on your own. My only saving grace this week has been there’s been another bum in the chair, as such. My job is (almost) 24/7 and if I wasn’t job sharing I’d definitely be on email and phone for most of my off days.
      I *do* feel like it’s harder, but then I don’t want to judge those who are staying at home full time, because faaark that’s a whole level of difficult too.
      I can’t believe you’re on doing this on your own. Mr Bun doesn’t normally get home from work until after 8 so I have an inkling what you’re going through … ARGH! Support back at ya xx

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