Boozy Tuesday

I want to broach this topic because it’s been front of mind with me recently, and also, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the matter.


Namely, drinking it.

I started to wean Little Bun a few weeks back, and she began sleeping through the night a little after that. With her being bottle fed, and in bed 7 ’til 7 (!!), my intake of alcohol has increased. I’ve gone from zero glasses a week, to, well …

we’re not talking bottles a night. But two, maybe three glasses of wine every night (I’m being honest here)? It doesn’t seem right.

Prior to falling pregnant (and when I wasn’t on a sober/IVF kick) I’d have 3-4 alcohol free days (AFD’s) a week. I’d probably get squiffy once every couple of weeks. In-between nights were a couple of glasses on the couch with Mr Bun.

Now, my intake seems – ridiculously – higher than then. There have certainly been no ‘big nights’ – I have a feeling a hangover with a baby would be a new sort of hell. But my regular, run-of-the-mill weeknight booze intake is definitely on the up.

You see, I’m not working (yet). So, what used to be my AFD’s (Sun – Wed) now just sorta blur into the rest of the week. I don’t have a boring Monday, or a celebratory Friday, or a partytime Saturday. I just have nights, after days, of looking after a baby.

It also seems like Mr Bun and I are celebrating, quietly, every night. After nine months of hard slog (plus another nine of my pregnancy), things are starting to return to normal again. We have our evenings back, and we’re enjoying getting to know each other again. Hanging out over a meal, enjoying an amazing drop has become part of that.

Am I making excuses?

Mr Bun and I are both aware that we need to get back on the AFD train, and stat. Beyond anything else, I can’t handle the extra calorie intake now I’ve stopped breastfeeding and started eating a normal diet again.

I have a feeling that once this long, hot Summer finally turns into Autumn; and I begin work again, that normal operating procedure will start up. In the meantime, I’ll continue enjoying my glass of vino with a sprinkle of guilt on the side.


One thought on “Boozy Tuesday

  1. Ok I have a confession. I’ve NOT weaned and i partake in the wine as well. It’s the summer and this heat wave you know! I have even had a boozy girls weekend.

    And do you know what I so don’t care! Doesn’t it feel great to have a few drinks without thinking OMG am I pregnant or will I get pregnant and just be normal!

    You so deserve it. Especially since you had such a strict diet with little buns allergies.

    I’m stressing about the weaning thing and gaining weight. Maybe just go and do a spin class or do a weight workout to counteract the calories.

    On an aside how freaking hot was this weekend!

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