Aaaand, it’s mid January

How did THAT happen!?

We’re back from holidays. The flight was … OK. Little Bun was a little legend and was fabulous, under the circumstances. Bloody exhausting, though. I looked on the red-wine-drinking, movie-watching fellow passengers with envy. I’ll write a separate post for some tips and tricks. If there’s anything you want to know specifically, just shout!

Little Bun is going through some sort of growth spurt / developmental change / oh who the fuck knows … upshot is sleep is down the drain and she’s very needy when awake. If I ignore any desire for sleep myself, and keep her entertained when she’s awake, it’s not so bad*.

We have an INSANE fortnight coming up, where we need to effectively move the entire contents out of our house in one weekend. With a baby. And no babysitter. So, Mr Bun has his work cut out for him … I’ve just written a list of everything we need to do by Sunday. I feel sick. Seriously, I can’t see it happening.

In happier news, Little Bun is nearly eight months and is sitting up like a champ. Clapping hands on command and ‘talking’ like a boss. Lots of Ma-Ma and Da-Da … she’s got no idea what she’s saying, but it’s a start! She’s now throwing herself around a fair bit, so I think the tetchiness is coming from wanting to crawl and not getting there.

I’ve been giving Little Bun tastes of the yucky formula most days, and she’s been taking it pretty well. I need to be out next week during a feed, so Mr Bun is going to try her on a bottle of the stuff. So interested to see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

OK – this post has been all over the place, forgive the randomness! Hope you’ve all had a wonderful break and your bubs are giving you lots of love and happy times. Normal service to resume shortly!!



*it’s kinda bad.


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