Somebody Swapped My Baby

It happened over the weekend. It’s funny, because she looks exactly the same – but she is really, a completely different baby.

Gone is the quiet, shy, placid little thing that would play forever on her own. In her place, a very noisy, frustrated bundle of movement who will grizzle and SQUEAL REALLY RATHER LOUDLY IF SHE WANTS SOMETHING:

Things Little Bun would like:

  • To be put down
  • To be picked up
  • To be on her tummy
  • To put all the things (ALL THE THINGS) in her mouth
  • … except for baby food, get that stuff away from me
  • But give me the spoon. I want the spoon
  • To be held held held all the time
  • Except now, don’t hold me now
  • And don’t. Under any circumstances. LEAVE MY SIGHT, MAMA

Sigh. It’s rather exhausting.

I knew I was spoilt, but I didn’t realise how much. For months I’ve been used to running mini-errands around the house while LB is awake and playing happily. Now I have windows of three minutes to do things in. Like go to the loo. Or shower.

The only place she’s happy is the pram, pounding the pavement. Luckily the weather is gorgeous here, because we are going out walking A LOT.

What do you think is going on? Her bottom two teeth are completely through, so I think it’s more developmental. Separation anxiety? Sudden realisation that the World Out There exists? Just, y’know, being a baby?

She’s still smiley and wonderful and gorgeous – but oh lordy she’s putting me through my paces!


4 thoughts on “Somebody Swapped My Baby

  1. Wow…I wish I had a guess for you, but I do appreciate the likely sneak peek of what’s probably coming with Ike! If I had to guess, I’d say something developmental, and just being a baby. I haven’t read the book, but I am a big fan of the Wonder Weeks iPhone app. Gives very timely clues about when and why babies freak out (fussy phases), and lists what to look for to recognize the leaps and what you can do to help them ‘master’ the skills that are frying their tiny brains at the time. Plus plenty of reassurance that you’re supposed to feel exhausted and frustrated from helping them along and surviving it!

      • Hah! I guess that figures – they disclaim so often that every baby is different I sort of think of it like astrology: keep it general enough and you’re bound to describe some coincidences, but best not to plan anything around those predictions. I hope she sets the pace a little slower from time to time so you can have more time (wishing there were such a thing) to enjoy it all!

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