She knows.

I don’t know how, but she just does.

A week or so of less and less sleep … Long days, longer nights. Teething? Immunisations? Growth spurt? All I knew was I was getting more and more exhausted and more and more desperate. Last night I broke down, told Mr Bun just how very tired I was … ‘It’s like those first few weeks*’
But then, last night, she slept through. Ohh, when she woke at 6am, I rolled over – saw the time – bliss.

And this morning? She’s been napping for 1.5 hours. Again, amazing.


So, yes. She knows. Her Mumma was at breaking point and she decided to give her a little rest.


Thank you darling.



*It’s not. Nothing could every be that exhausting. See? I’ve forgotten already.


4 thoughts on “She knows.

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