It’s Baaaaa-aaaack

My period.

Awww, already?
I actually got it bang on Little Bun’s 15 week birthday – which seemed pretty darn early thank you very much. I put it down to post partum weirdness and, basically, forgot about it. Exactly 28 days later I felt those old familiar cramps and – because I clearly have the memory of a goldfish – spent the day wondering what they were.

‘They sorta seem familiar, but …’


Cue me scrambling around in the back of cupboards for tampons and feeling relieved that I hadn’t just put on two kilos overnight without explanation.

So I guess this is it then? I was a little surprised for it to happen so soon, and so regularly, especially as I’m breastfeeding. Maybe it’s because she is doing 5-6 hour sleeps overnight? I need to pay more attention to my cycle (now I know I have one) as I’m interested to see if it affects my milk / her feeding. She’s definitely had more fussy feeding periods in the past month, but I just put it down to normal baby-ness.

The big question is birth control. I have HIDEOUS reactions to the pill. I just can’t take any form of it. Anything semi-permanent like an IUD is out of the question for obvious reasons. But I … and yes, I am hearing these words come out of my own mouth … really don’t want to get pregnant this soon.

That I could is basically laughable, as last time it took nigh on four years. And when we eventually did, no-one could tell us why or how it happened, and if it would ever happen again. Obviously we would dearly love the gift of another baby, and if I had to choose between Too Soon and Not At All, of COURSE it would be the former. But. I’m just starting to get myself back and in order to be the best Mummy I can be, I need a break.

‘Ha Ha!’ says the Universe, ‘first you want a baby, then you want another one – but you want to choose when that happens!? Ha ha hA HA HA HAAAA HAAA!



3 thoughts on “It’s Baaaaa-aaaack

  1. Omg same post!!! My milk supply definitely went down i was feeding every two hours. I won’t be using birth controls maybe withdrawal or condoms as I despise the pill.

    It’s so funny I had the weight gain as well and the desire for junk!!

    In a perverse way I am glad it’s back just to prove I’ve still got the ability to procreate.

    I will confess though if I did get pregnant I couldn’t care less although I don’t really like being pregnant I think I’d love to just get it all over and done with.

    Cause yeah that’s right i am so fertile now!!!

  2. I keep expecting mine to show up any day now, but it hasn’t happened yet, even though Ike sleeps for quite a stretch at night (I guess pumping could thwart that, but I’m lazy about that sometimes, too). I am losing all the pregnancy hair as you describe below, though – I wonder if the hormonal shift is related? Anyway, time for a shorter cut, whenever I can manage to actually GO GET IT CUT. I am doing progestin-only pills…but I suck at taking them at the same time every day. I would swear I have thought I was ovulating a few times, but no period ever follows – PCOS back in full gear? Perhaps. Not ready to worry about it yet. I hope the sibling you seek for your little one comes along easier than you’d think – but that you get the break you deserve first!

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