Hair Today …

(I need to nip this pun-in-the-blog-title thing in the bud … it’ll get bad)

I have good hair. I mean, I’m no Tami Taylor (who is!?) but it’s thickish, and longish, and when I throw mumble-dollars at it, it’s the right colour too.

Some of you may recall Lesbian Trucker-Gate, when I took a trip down Cliché Lane and let my pregnancy hormones get the better of my hairdresser. But by the time I had Little Bun, the hideous cut had grown out – and in the rare occasions I had time to turn a hairdryer on, my hair was the only thing about me that looked the same post, as it did pre-pregnancy.

But- it’s falling out. Yes – NOW. I thought I’d skipped that bit!? LB is four months old!!

Here is where my hair is:

  • The floor
  • The shower
  • The sink
  • OK, the whole goddamn bathroom is a shrine to my fallen hair
  • My clothes
  • My daughter … literally, I’m shedding all over her like an enthusiastic cat

Here is where my hair, increasingly, isn’t:

  • My head




8 thoughts on “Hair Today …

  1. Ah, the good ole days of hair loss. I remember them (and not fondly either). I actually began to obsess that Carder would loose a finger or toe due to one of my hairs being wrapped around it.
    Eventually the loss will stop…only to be followed by the porcupine look when the shit starts growing back…
    Good times…

  2. My hair fell out my entire pregnancy and then I thought yeah I will have good hair when breast feeding! Um, no. My advice is get a dust buster or just blame the dog 😉

    I need a hair cut stat. Mine is just hideous now. Colour might be nice too.

    Whose hair does LB have??

  3. Ugh my hair loss is driving me crazy. My husband asked me this weekend, “At what point are you going to be concerned about how much hair you’re losing?” Thanks, honey.

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