Musical Beds

From day one, Little Bun has been sleeping in our bedroom. Actually, probably from day 20 or something … the first few weeks she slept in her pram in the living room while one of us lay exhausted, weeping across the sofa. But let’s not go there.

Since then she’s been in her beautiful little moses basket just by our bed, snuffling and farting her way through the months. Before she was born, I declared grandly that we’d have her in with us ‘for six weeks … at a push‘. What I didn’t realise is I would like – no, LOVE – having her little body sleeping in the same four walls as Mr Bun and I.

Beyond the obvious convenience of having her right there by me, so I could attend to the nighttime feeds and whatnot without moving too far, I felt I slept better with her there. Although this is probably a false impression, as she’s pretty bloody noisy when she wants to be.

But as my little girl stacks on the pounds (literally, guys – she gained just under a KILO between three and four months … that’s nearly two pounds, imperial fans!) she’s clearly very close to growing out of her basket. And at four months she’s also become much more aware – I didn’t want to get into a situation where moving would cause her distress or disorientation. To this point, a few months ago I started popping her down in her own cot/room for naps, so she could become familiar with the routine, and so I could access our bedroom during the day.

Then, on Friday – GASP – she went back to her cot after her bath. And since then I’ve been settling her ‘for the night’ in her room, then moving her into our bedroom just before her dream feed. She then spends the rest of the night in with us. Little steps.

It may seem like I’m dragging this out longer than I need to – but you see, her bedroom is pretty much the furthest spot from our room, in the house. We’re in the front, on the ground floor – she’s down the back of the house, upstairs. By no means do we have a large place, but she seems very far away.

I know I need to make the final move and let her sleep the whole night upstairs. It means a little more disruption for me, as nighttime feeds and any other little squirms and cries will have me going up and down stairs. But I think it will actually be better for her, and may even encourage (!) more consistent sleeping-through-the-night action.

Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Musical Beds

  1. I DO wish you good luck! We have kept Ike in the Rock ‘n’ Play sleeper for the vast majority of his sleeping. It’s so portable that it’s been great to easily push him from the living room (oh yes, many a night we didn’t even bother to get off the couch!) to our bedroom. He’s close to too big for it, too. Not sure if I’m ready to use his crib yet though (and his nursery is just across the hall). May have to see if the Pack ‘n’ Play will fit in our bedroom. Let us know how it goes!

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