So … after this post, Little Bun had another week of horrific nappies. I was stumped. And covered in poo. We needed help.

We headed back to our lovely GP, who referred us to a paediatrician, Dr Hob. She was a cracker – properly old school, no bullshit, straight down the line woman. I really liked her.

She took one look at Little Bun’s test results and diagnosed Infant C.olitis. Why the GP couldn’t do this, I’d like to know – but either way, Dr Hob was 100% certain that was the issue, even before I talked her through the past two months of symptoms.

Infant C.olitis is, basically, an allergy to milk and soy. The good news? It’s not a severe allergy that requires EPI pens and nastiness like that. Also, it’s likely to clear up in around 9 – 12 months from now.

The bad news? Little Bun is one of the 30% of babies whose c.olitis includes soy, too. ‘No problemo!’ I say, ‘Just hold the sauce on my sushi and we’ll be good!’ … Ahh, the ignorant bliss of someone who’s never had to deal with food allergies. You see, soy is in everything. Literally – ALL OF THE THINGS.

I’m going to have to work out a whole new way of eating. It’ll be hard, but also a lot healthier for me. Soy is in most processed foods, so I’ll be steering clear of biscuits, chips and takeaway. And of course there’s the dairy-filled loveliness of desserts, chocolate and baked goodies that I’ll also be saying goodbye to. The toughest thing (psychologically, I think) is Little Bun also can’t have normal formula. She’s only allowed one, prescription-only formula that – according to Dr Hob – tastes revolting. A formula babies don’t like the taste of? Genius!

She’s recommended we get Little Bun on small tastes of this formula soon, so she can get used to it. This is because I’ll need to use it, or EBM, for all cooking and bottles for the foreseeable future. GOOD TIMES.

I don’t know when I was planning on weaning Little Bun. I’d loosely thought at around the eight to ten month mark … I probably wasn’t going to try and continue with EBM once I’d gone back to work. But now this formula issue has me feeling a little weird. It’s not that I wanted to give Little Bun formula anytime soon, but it’s the knowledge that I can’t (easily) that is a little claustrophobic.

So … that’s where we’re at. No dairy. No soy. No formula. And – hopefully – no more nasty nappies.

Deal? Deal.


5 thoughts on “Diagnosis

  1. Are you serious? I am so sorry That really is a lot to take in isn’t it. When you said soy I thought sure back away from the Chinese food. You have no idea how much stuff is in everything! Aside from nasty poos is little bun ok? Does it make her sick?

    Sending some hugs for you xxx

    • She seems OK. She’s a happy chucker, which the doc said wasn’t caused by the colitis – so I guess the possetting will continue. It was really all about the terrible nappies, and wind waking her up. She’s generally such a happy little thing, so maybe the next few weeks will reveal *absences* of things (such as sleeplessness, she says hopefully!?!?!) that we didn’t know were being caused by the colitis – if that makes sense!?
      Just these past few days have made a huge difference. No blowouts, no 8 x nappies a day … and I’m fitting into my skinny jeans for the first time in a year … am bloody starving!

  2. ALL THE THINGS is right. I feel like if I didn’t pick it off of the plant myself, I shouldn’t even be thinking about eating it. So harsh. I have not been given the suggestion of trying that formula yet (we have no diagnosis yet) – it sounds just awful, both in taste and expense! I’m glad you have an answer to the mystery, but I’m so sorry that it’s going to be so difficult to keep up with the solution. You definitely have my sympathy and empathy!

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