Rough Week

I’ve found the past 10 days some of the most difficult in weeks.

The sleep training stalled last week and I felt like I was banging my head on a brick wall. Sticking to the routine has meant I haven’t been out and about and doing things that much, so I guess I’m feeling pretty lonely and isolated.

But the worst bit: Little Bun’s been ‘off’ for a week. I finally took her to the doctor today and she has a suspected stomach virus. What gets me is I did the same thing a month ago, and when her poo sample came back normal I subsequently ignored her symptoms assuming this was ‘just her’. So she’s (probably) been sick the whole time and I haven’t done anything about it.

And now I’m really guilt tripping myself that I’ve been sleep training a sick baby.

I mean, she’s OK. She’s bright and happy and smiley – she just has hideous nappies and is posseting a whole lot. And feeding weirdly. And not sleeping well. Maaan.

Gawd. I’m stuck. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. I’m halfway through a sleep training plan that I feel I should abandon until she’s well. And now she has a screaming dummy addiction to boot. To top it off I’m pretty sure she’s not gaining weight as she should, probably because of this virus.




5 thoughts on “Rough Week

  1. That does sound like a rough week : ( I support you in whatever you do, but if it were me I might consider giving up the sleep training for a while. Get her feeling better and start from scratch. It will probably go a lot better next time! (that’s just me though : ))

    • Yeah, that’s exactly what I’ve done. Doesn’t stop me from guilt tripping myself about the last ten days though … sigh.
      Luckily she seems totally happy and fine, apart from being exhausted yesterday when she didn’t nap at all – as I’d given up on the training. Argh. I can’t win!!

  2. I hope it gets better soon! I know that it’s impossible to banish the mommy-guilt once it takes hold, but I’m sure you did exactly what seemed right at the time, and that’s exactly what she needed at the time. I have yet to even try getting my little guy on a schedule. We’ve been stupidly lucky so far – last night was the first time he really tried putting us through our paces. Had a falling-asleep-in-the-bathtub moment while hubby tried to soothe him. We even went as far as washing a pacifier, though I didn’t end up using it. Need to try to keep him from napping so much today, I think! (And thanks for the link on your blogroll, by the way!)

  3. Don’t feel guilty! She obviously can’t tell you she is not feeling well. You are doing everything you can for her and you are doing a wonderful job. She will get better and you can try again. Hang in there!

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