Bringing Up Baby – the Google way


  1. One paranoid new mother,
  2. One newborn baby,
  3. One iPhone,
  4. Numerous late night/early morning breastfeeds, with one typing-hand free …

And what do you get? The search history of a LUNATIC.

Here’s a mere sampling from the past four weeks of Google searches:

  • newborn fingernails
  • clear newborn blocked nose
  • month old baby red bottom
  • baby poo white strings
  • best burping techniques
  • four week old baby development
  • month old baby straining
  • curved ridge after breastfeeding
  • cluster feeding newborn
  • four week baby routine
  • wake baby to feed?

… it goes on …

And as fast as I can search for it, it disappears / she changes routine / something else pops up.

The life of a new mumma!


3 thoughts on “Bringing Up Baby – the Google way


    girl have you learned nothing over three years of infertility! ha ha

    you are doing a sweet job, trust in yourself and know that you CAN do it!

  2. Crazy hey! I have a May birth board I’m a part of with about 100 girls on it and I have found that very valuable to answer my many questions! Mr F is now just over 4 weeks old and we are starting to get a bit of a rhythm happening… up until this point I’ve felt like a total fish out of water! This motherhood stuff certainly takes some getting used to!

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