I’m here (just).

We have completed our first week at home. And it’s FULL. ON.

Every cliche is true. ‘Nothing can prepare you’. ‘The sleep deprivation is inhuman’. ‘Your baby is a miracle.’

After nearly two weeks I’m still unable to breast feed,which is literally one of the most difficult things I’ve had to deal with. I am pumping up to eight times a day, expressing all of her feeds, and then bottle feeding on top of that.

It doesn’t leave much time for crosswords … (ha ha).

She’s gorgeous, sleeps all day and cries a lot of the night. Her lips and fingers kill me on a daily basis. She has her Daddy’s nose. Her baby smell is of toffee and optimism.

I’ll keep saying it ’til it’s true: Birth Story post coming soon.



4 thoughts on “I’m here (just).

  1. what’s happening with the breast feeding? poor thing, you sound exhausted – but happy and I think that trumps everything – right?! xx

  2. Dr. Jack Newman has lots of great resources with breastfeeding. Do you have a specific issue (like difficulty latching or something?) I would be happy to research it for you and give you helpful tips. I had a rough time nursing my first child. His website helped me soooo much with my 2nd child. I would love to help you be successful breastfeeding. You may feel like you can’t, but you can!

  3. Nothing prepares you for that first week does it? Such a mix of emotions! Sorry to hear about the breastfeeding and hope bubs starts to work out night and days soon. Looking forward to your birth story 🙂

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