Are we there yet? (39w1d)


I know.

I’m not even full term yet.

But this pregnancy malarkey is getting ALL CONSUMING people. As I lie awake at 4am, 5am, 6am, 7am … I tell myself that this is nothing. That this so-called ‘sleep deprivation’ is a mere trickle compared to the tsunami of tiredness that is to be expected in a few weeks time. That – strangely – does little to a) get me back to sleep, or b) make me feel better. Maybe I need to get a better book.

The bum stuff hasn’t gone away, but the pain is nowhere near the apocalyptic levels of this time last week – which is clearly a good thing. Dr Spock checked my cervix a few days ago and there is NOTHING happening down there. Things are hard and high and not moving at all. So I’d say this baby is a faaair way off.

Interestingly, Dr Spock’s pretty keen for me to go into labour sooner rather than later (ya reckon!?) – but seriously, we were surprised to hear that. I figured, being my first, that they’d be letting me go to 41 or even 42 weeks. However she’s not too happy about the discomfort I’m in and has said the only way I can really begin to heal is to give birth.

However, she also raised concerns about inducing and how it often leads to a labour full of interventions – including, commonly, emergency c-sections.

Dr Spock basically put it to us like this: we’ll take it week-by-week, balancing how much pain I’m in with the negatives of inducing, and go from there. Since that conversation I’ve done a fair bit of research on induced labour, and it has me pretty nervous. As much as I’d like to have this baby soon, I think for the time being I’m happy to wait and hope that nature kicks in and does its thing soon.

… Symptom check anybody?

– Groin pain. In a hallucinatory late night spell I thought maybe I’d accidentally gone horseriding for 57 hours and then forgotten about it. Seriously, that’s just what it feels like: I’m very saddle sore, especially when I’ve been sitting or lying down for too long. Apparently it’s caused by that old fave, Relaxin … all I know is it makes me walk waddle like a bow-legged cowboy

– Sleep sleep, doesn’t happen, sore hips/pelvis/back/legs etc etc bla bla YAWN

– Fingers still stiff and swollen, particularly first thing in the morning

– Have I mentioned my lips look like they’ve been attacked by the Botox fairy?

– Much less hungry/thirsty, and really can’t eat that much without feeling full. Doesn’t stop me trying! Amirght? Amiright!? … sigh

– Bub is moving throughout the day, but much more slowly and quietly. This freaks me out about … oh, eleventy times a day … but it’s never quiet for long enough for me to call L&D. Which is a GOOD THING

– The bump is now big enough to attract HOLY SHIT SHE’S GOING TO BLOW stares if I dare venture out in public. I spent a good ten minutes in front the mirror last night having a serious stare. It’s really big. Like, in-the-name-of-Ridley-Scott-there’s-something-alien-in-there big

– Emotional and negative circular thoughts whipping around my head in the early hours. Lots of ‘what ifs’ and ‘how will we evers?’ This has to be nipped in the bud. I need a TV show I can watch … suggestions?

– Feeling puhreety excited. That’s a symptom, isn’t it?



4 thoughts on “Are we there yet? (39w1d)

  1. Ok I just snorted. The horse riding thing was how I explained my groin discomfort to my OB yesterday except I said 100km on a bike. So it’s relaxin is it – ok good to know. Nice to know my groin is preparing for a 7.5lb’r to come out!

    Excitement totally a symptom!!!

    when you get out of bed do you end up chuckling at how stiff you are. It annoys me that I can’t sleep in because it is too uncomfortable!

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