Hello, Month Nine (36w0d)

Thirty six weeks today. Woahohhhhh.

Puh-retty surreal to be this pregnant. Certainly feel the next four weeks (plus?) are going to crawl by – none of this ‘it’s going by so fast!’ for me.


I’m getting into the swing of maternity leave, and have a nice little routine down.

I’m up and out in the morning running errands, catching up with people etc until early arvo; then I’m back home for a quick rest before I try and strike some things off the Home Chores list. For the past few days this has been about finishing the basics of the nursery. But I also have eminently fascinating things to tackle coming up – like updating the photo albums, and cleaning out the bathroom cupboards (ooh!).

It feels good to have most of the baby stuff bought, washed and the room sorted. There are bits and pieces still to do, but I definitely feel calmer knowing that if the bub came early we’ve got the majority of stuff ready to go. I still need to pack The Bag – but so much of it is stuff I need everyday … think I’ll pack everything I can and leave a big ol’ checklist on top for the stuff that needs to be added last minute.

(Just an FYI here … in case you thought I was sane or anything … it’s taking me one huge effort to write about all of this so matter-a-factly, like me going into labour to produce a healthy bub is determined. I know it’s likely. But I do still worry that it won’t happen. Of course I do. I wouldn’t be me if  didn’t).

I haven’t done a Symptom Check in a while:

– Discomfort, moving into Pain, around my lower back, hips and pelvis. This is mainly when I get up after sitting or lying for a while. I haven’t sprung, leapt or jumped anywhere for a loooong time now. It’s more rolled, groaned and grimaced. Sitting on the floor is basically impossible now. Bending down to pick things up from the floor? Gawd. I now negotiate with myself to see if I can just leave whatever it is there. This is not conducive to a tidy house

– Rib pain has moved from the localised spot just under my left boob, to a broader, burning sensation wrapping around my whole left ribcage. Driving or sitting for longer than 15 minutes sets it off, and it won’t quit until I lie down. Annoying, but definitely deal-able

– I. Wee. All. The. Time. Sometimes, baby will move and I need to go PRONTO. Other times, I’ll have two sips of water and need a pee again. I’m still trying to keep nighttime visits to 2-3 max … I think this will soon be a thing of the past

– I’m far less emotional than I was last trimester. I think this is probably because I’m not working and therefore a lot less tired. But the teariness has definitely abated

– A really weird one: the joints in my fingers hurt like a mofo. Seriously, they are so stiff when I wake up the morning I can barely grip anything. It gets better during the day, but still – any idea what this is?

– Baby is moving pretty consistently throughout the day. Lots of stretching and pushing. The weirdest feeling is when you can feel opposite-pushing from opposite sides of your tum – yup, that’d be a head down there, and feet all the way up there … eek!

– The scary-swelling of last month has gone down a lot, which is clearly due to finishing work. I still can’t wear any shoes except my thongs. Which makes for some pretty chilly toes in these mid-Autumn mornings. Luckily we’re in the middle of another stunning set of warm days. As April closes I know I’ll be living in bedsocks … but what to do outdoors? Oversized gumboots!?

OK. I need to try and tick off one more thing from the list before I switch into lazy preggy lady mode for the evening. Hope you’re all having sunshiney days, wherever you are x


4 thoughts on “Hello, Month Nine (36w0d)

  1. Your on the home stretch and looks like you making the most of your maternity leave before bubs arrives. I’ve got two weeks of work left and can’t wait! I think i have everything sorted, so am looking forward to spending it relaxing, sleeping, reading my hundreds of baby related books and practicing my relaxation/calmbirth techniques in prep for the birth. All that will go out the window of course if i go early!

    Glad the emotions are stable and the swelling has eased… the sore ribs sound horrible though!

  2. Congrats on making it to the final month! To help with picking stuff up from the floor, get one of those grabbers from a home goods store. Also good for grabbing things off high shelves!

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