No going back now … (35w2d)

I’m officially on maternity leave.

To go ‘early’ was a decision I made in the second trimester, after consulting some wise women (Dr Spock and other preggy colleagues). They all said that, if you can, definitely finish up earlier than 36 weeks. You see, I don’t work a 9-5 job … I’ve been taking it easy these past few weeks by doing 8.30-6; but any busy days have had me working ’til 7 at the office, or ’til 9 at home.

I also figured, this may be the only time I ever have maternity leave. That and the fact first-time-mummas are dropping early all around me (seriously, four women I know have gone 2-4 weeks pre-due-date, just in the past month!!) have me feeling happy with my decision to head off a little sooner than most.

It’s very odd not to be working. I feel like I’ve shelved an enormous part of my identity, and haven’t replaced it with anything. It’s a good exercise for me – I think – as someone who probably puts too much emphasis on work and the life it has me lead. I suppose I will get into the rhythm of not working over the next few weeks. But, yes … it’s a strange feeling indeed.

There’s SO MUCH to do (hence the lists). Our small renovations have been dragging on, and we only really have the baby room 70% finished. So, the next few weeks will be about buying, borrowing, cleaning, painting, prepping and … yes, I guess, nesting.

We have the cot built and I’ve now bought or been given the majority of the ‘first wardrobe’. As we don’t know the sex, the baby’s colour scheme is a little Addams Family … all greys and creams … it’s also showing up my unhealthy obsession with stripes.

Today I’ve been sanding and painting an old chest of drawers that was once my grandfather’s. That, the cot and a lounge chair are looking to be the only furniture we’ll have in the room. I’d like a change table but think it may look a little cluttered. Are / have any of you used the change-mat-on-top-of-the-drawers set-up? I think that’s what we’re going to have to do.

To do next is wash all of the clothes (can you believe almost all of the them say ‘Do not tumble dry’!? I mean, don’t mums of newborns have enough on their plate!!); buy the baby toiletries and some other things like a baby monitor, mattress protector etc; borrow a bassinet from my girlfriend; and tizz the room with a rug, blanket, paintings etc.

I read this week that I’m now at ’35/35′ … 35 weeks down, 35 days to go.

… Eeeeek!


6 thoughts on “No going back now … (35w2d)

  1. Enjoy it. You don’t know whether you’ll have six weeks pre-baby or none – hopefully somewhere between the two. (I like the sound of your nursery – I have unfulfilled fantasies of a dark grey nursery with bright colours popping out).

  2. I’ve just read through your archive of pretty much your whole pregnancy, and it fills me with hope as I wait out these terrifying endless weeks of the first trimester. I’ll be following to see what happens next!

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