Having a Swell Ol’ Time (33w0d)

Holy SHITBALLS my feet are swollen. And my ankles. And my calves. And my knees.

Seriously. I’d post a pic, but then you’d vomit.

By the end of the day, there is no definition between my toes and my knees. It’s just one, swollen, stretched, shiny limb thing. The mornings aren’t much better. I can’t wear shoes. I can’t walk properly. It sucks.

Because I’m vain, the puffy flesh that pours out over the top of my slip-ons and under the seam of my 3/4 leggings is what gets me the most. It’s ugly, people.

Right – whiney whinge over.

Onto the (actual) important things. I saw Dr Spock for my fortnightly catchup early in the week, and the bub is looking well. It’s head down, bum up – which is good! My blood pressure is fine, so the swelling is just an annoying pregnancy symptom and not an indicator of anything more sinister.

I had an entire week of a very quiet bub last week – and ended up in Fetal Monitoring a total of three times. Almost a week to the day of when it went quiet, it started jumping and jiving again and hasn’t stopped since. I felt good about that – it meant there was actually a defined period of quietness (sitting in a different position, I s’pose) – and I was right to check it out.

Mr Bun and I also attended our first Antenatal class at the hospital last week. We opted to go for two intensive five hour (!!) sessions rather than split them out over a period of weeks. It means half of our Saturday’s get eaten up, but I still think it’s the best way to manage the time.

The first class was all about the three stages of labour, pain relief, etc. There was a fair bit I wasn’t aware of, but the rest was pretty repetitive.

Weirdly, it made me pretty emotional. For a few reasons, I think. First off, I never thought we’d be doing such ‘normal’ pregnancy things as attending an antenatal class. Just being there with all of the other couples was rather surreal. Secondly, the talk of the pain, and episiotomies, and emergency C sections, and forceps, and and AND … I did come away feeling a little … apprehensive.

I guess I’ve been so fixed on the pregnancy and the wellbeing of the baby, that the labour has snuck up on me a bit.

Rightyo. I need to haul my swollen elephant skin-clogs into the kitchen and make something to eat. Work is busy at the moment and I’m really hanging out to finish. If only to get my feet up!


4 thoughts on “Having a Swell Ol’ Time (33w0d)

  1. oooooh the swelling not fun.

    I can not believe you are 33w. Where did the time go? I just remember you saying you had your 30th and then was ready for next IVF and now you are going to be delivering a baby. Really soon.

    Was the bubba breach before it turned or was it always head down?

    Can’t wait to find out what you are having!

    • Tell me about it. Although, on the other hand Sept feels like a LONG time ago.
      It hasn’t been breech for a while, but this is the first time we’ve had the position confirmed.

      Crazy times! xx

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