The Big 3-0 (30w1d)

Well hi there!

A big milestone this week – thirty whole weeks. Holy cow! Feeling pretty blessed to have made it this far.

The past month of pregnancy has really tipped into a different speed (slow) and feeling (discomfort). I’ve had nothing truly serious to complain about – but there has been some pretty crappy rib pain that’s causing some issues.

It started about three weeks ago – it’s the oddest, localised (size of a ten cent piece), burning pain (like a lit cigar held against my skin) just under my left boob. It only appears when I sit and can be quite intense. Physio, stretching, ice packs – I’m doing it all with no improvement – so Dr Spock actually sent me in for a x-ray last week. I discussed it with her a fair bit beforehand, did some reading, and decided it was the right thing to do. She was keen to rule out ‘anything sinister’ (nasty words), so I was too.

They didn’t find anything – good news. And that’s fine with me: as long as I know the baby and I are OK, I can handle the pain. It does mean that I have to restructure my work for my last weeks in the office, as I can’t sit at my desk for more than a few hours. Thank god for the mobile interwebs and an understanding boss. I see a lot of couch-working in my future!

Apart from my cigar-rib, the shift into the third trimester has been pretty much as I expected. I’m finding pregnancy is a lot about hindsight. When I was in the early weeks, I didn’t think I was that typical – yet looking back I was queasy, exhausted and pretty textbook! Again with the second trimester, I was scoffing that they were meant to be the ‘easy months’ – but now I’m bigger, heavier, stiffer and more swollen … easy sounds about right!

Symptom Check …

– Swollen feet, hands and calves. Mmm …squiggy piggy fingers and toes. My havaianas are my footwear of choice – morning, night, corporate meetings and supermarket runs. Am dreading the cooler weather and the requirement to wear some proper shoes …

– Mr Bun has ALWAYS teased me for my brilliant ‘skillz’ (!) found in my crab-like toes … seriously, I can pick up ANYTHING with my foot digits. When were were kids, I could even give my brother a vicious horsebite with either foot. Anyhoo – skillz indeed, as I now can’t bend over that easily, and my toes come in handy every day. Here here for access to the ground without bending down!

– Kicks and punches are turning into big, sweeping twists and rolls. The bub’s movements tickle often, and actually even hurt sometimes. My tum can look like there’s someone doing a 90’s rave hop in there – which I guess there sorta is

– I am properly-freakin-ENORMOUS. Like, people ask me if I’m having twins enormous (I killed her). I have one big bump people. I’ve started dreading telling curious semi-strangers my due date when they inevitably ask, as the response is a sharp intake of breath, a quick glance at my belly and some raised eyebrows. ‘Oh! Well! Wow … you’re pretty big already?!’ I’d round-kick them in the face if I could lift my legs.

I try not to let it bother me. I won’t lie, the body image is taking some battering as my face, upper arms, thighs and bum start to catch up with the rest of my increasing girth. But, I remind myself of the times I wished and prayed for this – and all I would have given to be here, right now. A fat ass and some unflattering chin softening is no price at all.

We have been up to our ears in plaster dust and paint fumes (hello paranoid Bunless living with every window and door open) with the longest kitchen reno EVER rolling on and on. The nursery doesn’t yet exist – a wall needs to be put up to create it. I’m trying to remain zen*, and figure we can do the baby buying, building, washing and nesting in the coming month/s.

I am starting to think more about birth, and what happens after that. It’s exhilarating and terrifying – I worry so often that something will go wrong. But I try and think positively, which is when my head explodes with THIS IS REAL and I have to eat cake and watch junk teeve.

OK. It’s Friday night and I’ve got to get back down to the pub and crack on with my drinking, partying and general carousing it’s time to take my prenatal vitamins and roll into bed with my 128 pillows.

G’night all. Hope you are happy where you are.

I’m finding the blog and the pregnancy to be a difficult partnership. I still have so many superstitions whirling around my pregnant self, and I find the blog becoming tangled up in that. Many times I go to post, but I tell myself ‘I need to wait for the next appointment / week / purchase / test result’ before I do … it’s difficult to explain. But I’m sure you understand.

* HA HA HA haha HA


3 thoughts on “The Big 3-0 (30w1d)

  1. I totally get feeling superstitious about blogging. Only blog when you feel confident about it. And don’t feel like you have to blog at all if you don’t want to. Either way, I’ll be reading when you do post!

  2. Babes I have a huge bump too. People keep commenting on it. It’s not that I get upset but for both of us we were on the roids for a while and that really didn’t help matters at all.

    Besides people like to comment on everything.

    Thanks for writing again. Thought you had died or something. Joke. Don’t be a stranger!

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