Buy! Buy! Buy! (22w2d)

We have moved into the stage of pregnancy where suddenly, ‘opportunities’ to SPEND MONEY are coming at us left right and centre.

A post-Christmas clear up of the tiny hotbox upstairs that is meant to one day house a baby (ha!) revealed a bag of ‘information’ sent by the hospital when we registered a few months back. In a superstitious fug I’d shoved it up there without looking. But with a quiet resolution to approach 2012 with more positivity, Mr Bun and I opened up the bag and sorted through the million and one pamphlets.

And they were all selling something. Cord blood bank? Limited edition breast pumps endorsed by Posh Spice? Danish-designed cots made from the virgin branches of 900 year old beech trees? You get the picture.

The majority of the glossy paper ended up in the bin. However, even the most staid and sensible of baby guide books have started listing out our ‘Must Haves’ … items we clearly need to research, buy, install and understand all in the next few months.

We even ventured out to Baby Barn (or whatever they call it) yesterday to have a poke around. We emerged blinking into the vast warehouse, with its endless aisles of pastels and plastic, three and FOUR-figured price tags fluttering in the air-conditioned breeze … It was pretty intimidating. I picked up a maternity pillow and we scarpered. Don’t get me wrong, making these purchases is something I’ve dreamed about for so long. And I can’t wait to do it. But we’re going to have to do it in a measured, cost efficient (!), sensible way …

In Bump news, I’m feeling OK. I went back to work this week and have been surprised at how tired I am. I don’t think I realised just how much rest I was getting over the Christmas break. Mr Bun is being BASICALLY AWESOME. ALL THE TIME. Letting me rest and doing a lot of the housework, cooking, errands etc.

Bub is kicking more and more often, and I’m starting to feel big turning movements semi-regularly too. Those are helping keep me in a pretty positive mindframe. It’s been super hot here and the swelling is getting bad, which freaks me out a little as I worry about PE. Also, I’m only halfway there, and we’ve still got eight weeks of crazy hot summer weather coming up. I am fantasising about swimming pools like Darryl Hannah on a dry day.

The weight gain has really sped up over Christmas (coincidence – YA THINK!?) Apart from that, things are rather quiet on the symptoms front. And that’s fine by me.

Quiet and normal is good. It’s what I’m thankful for every day. And what I wish for every night.

Have a great week everyone x



8 thoughts on “Buy! Buy! Buy! (22w2d)

  1. I’m confused. Do you not have baby showers? In the US, women typically get most of their baby gear from family and friends at a big party before the birth. Now I’m wondering if that’s just a US thing.

    • In my neck of the woods baby showers are pretty common, but they’re generally more about getting together with other women and celebrating. Gifts normally run pretty small – clothes and the like.
      Think I need an American theme to my shower!?

  2. I just read this post to chippie!!! I remember a frien going to the barn and do overwhelmed she walked out with a bin for disposable nappies!!! At first I scoffed at seconds, now not so smug!!! Work really tires you out for sure! Looking forward to your next installment x

  3. Yea it can be overwhelming walking through those stores. There is entirely too much stuff. I have been through helping a cousin and my bestie pick things, so I hope i find it easy when it is finally my turn. Good luck! So exciting about all the movement!

  4. It is a bit overwhelming hey! Riffa is a serial researcher – so there wont be any buying of big ticket items in this household until some serious research has been conducted – i have booked him in for some baby shopping at the end of January, giving him some time to prepare πŸ™‚


  5. So exciting! If you have an American theme, though, you have to do this annoying thing where you sit in a circle and oooh and ahhhh over every. Single. Gift. Not so fun. πŸ˜‰

    22 wks!

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