Unscheduled Ultrasounds (17w)

Unscheduled ultrasounds aren’t really what you want. Anything unscheduled usually points to … an issue. Yuk. We don’t want issues.

After umming and ahhing with Mr Bun, I called Dr Spock’s office on Wednesday to report a weird little symptom. I’ve been feeling a little bit of pressure. Not a cramp, but pressure – a bit like a overfilled water balloon – right down deep in my groin. Spock’s receptionist took notes as I explained what was going on. It wasn’t constant, it wasn’t painful, and it wasn’t accompanied by any bleeding (thank god). The receptionist said that Dr Spock was out of the office at a conference, but she’d call and let her know.

Well. I got a call within 15 minutes saying Dr Spock was going to come into her rooms and could I be there in an hour? Um, yes! Of course, I had done some dodgy Googling and had found this could be a symptom of an incompetent cervix* which you REALLY don’t want. Nevertheless, I was surprised at the speed with which they responded.

Did I tell you I love my Dr Spock? Love love love!!?

She examined me straight away and said my cervix was feeling fine and not seeming ‘incompetent*’ at all. What she did find was a little vaginal cyst that she said could be the reason for my symptoms. Then she gave us a quick ultrasound to check on the little one, and there it was – bouncing around. So nice.

So, second ultrasound was today, at the proper ultrasound clinic. They whipped out good ol’ dildo-cam but couldn’t find any cyst at all.Weird?

The best thing was they also confirmed my cervix is looking nice and long (what you want) and tight (ahem) and, most wonderfully, I got to hang out for a good ten minutes looking at amazingly detailed images of bub’s face and feet and hands and even its pointy little bum. Eeek!

So, two ultrasounds and oh my goodness thank you good news on both counts. Wow.

Now I feel I can hold onto those images while I wait for the next milestone, which is the 19 week scan.

Happy Friday! x


*Really? Really men-doctors? You have to go and give this medical condition such a name that infers some sort of problem with the woman herself? *bristles*


4 thoughts on “Unscheduled Ultrasounds (17w)

  1. I am so relieved all is okay! It would be worrying, especially when they are so prompt to respond!

    Worked out well in the end -you got to have a bit of extra time looking at bubs and it put your mind at ease knowing all is on track 🙂

  2. I’m so glad things are ok! EEEEK. I’m also glad you have a doctor who gets you…that is so important! xoxo

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