Sweet Sixteen (16w3d)

We’re still here … wow.

Bullet points are the only way I’m actually going to get this post up before 2012, so here goes:

– A brief 15 week appointment with Dr Spock showed us a beautiful little image of our jumping jack (or jackie) sitting somewhere underneath my belly button. It was, as always, the most awesome thing ever

– It then took about – oh, five hours – for me to be back at Status: Mildly Concerned. This is the norm for my mental state over the past few weeks. The time split is basically this: 60% Mildly Concerned / 30% Properly Scared and Undertaking Insane Googling / 10% Blissfully Happy and Sure Everything Will Be ‘Just Fine’

– I’m off the Bum Bullets and baby asprin. Dr Spock allowed me to wean myself over a ridiculously long period of time, so it was actually less traumatic than I thought it would be

– Since we’ve last caught up, I’ve purchased (due to complete and utter necessity) 2 x pairs of maternity jeans (like heaven in denim) and 3 x maternity bras (how to kill sex drive in seven seconds flat).These and a selection of tops are making up my wardrobe. That it will soon be too hot for jeans is filling me with mild dread. My legs have turned into fleshy tree trunks

– Very much like Chon, I am still peppering my conversations with little qualifying caveats that I’m sure no-one else will notice (yes, I know they do). It’s like a pact with myself … I don’t use ‘when’, but ‘if’; ‘maybe’ but never ‘definitely’ … This doesn’t feel like a done deal for me. Every good scan is a hurdle magically leapt over. I know we need to keep jumping

– Having said that, I am also enjoying this like it deserves to be enjoyed. I am perving on my bump in window reflections and devouring the weekly updates that get emailed to me. I am appreciating every.single.day – not only because of the past three years, but also because I am so scared that this will somehow stop

– We’ve talked about getting a Doppler, but I think it would be a bad idea for my head-state right now. I don’t need something else to obsess over. I’m going to try and hold out between scans. Our next one is in three weeks and while that seems an age away, the days do have a lovely habit of actually passing!

– Symptoms include: crackingly bad headaches, sore back / neck, much less tired, swollen legs and feet at the end of the day (can’t wait to see if THAT progresses, seeing as I’m only four months …), showing like a preggy lady – not a fat lady, still snotty / sneezy, hiccupy / burpy after food, nails super strong, no pimples for yonks, vivid dreams starting to happen more often, teary … and I am loving every single thing, good and bad!

OK. I have to feed the Beast, and then feed me and Mr Bun. A quiet Monday night, just the four of us … !



6 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen (16w3d)

  1. well ‘ello guvner

    I have been wondering how you are and very relieved to hear you are still kicking goals!!

    I think I am going to have to invest in a pair of maternity jeans already but I refuse to buy anything for a few more days.

    Don’t be a stranger I love your updates!

    • OK – bear with me here … Jeans West. Yes, daggy old Jeans West. I wasn’t so sure either, but a whole bunch of preggy ladies recommended them and I popped in during a Chaddy visit a few weeks ago. Two pairs, blue and black, $100. Super comfy and cheap as chips – brilliant!
      They get a little stretched/baggy after a few wears, but at that price I might buy another two and have a high rota of wash n wear. Try it!

  2. Yay! Sweet sixteen never tasted so good!

    Got my first pair of maternity jeans a few weeks ago – best idea ever! Although I am finding the elastic that sits above my belly button a little annoying and I’m not even big yet, so I’m worried they aren’t going to last long…! Got a belly belt this week which has meant I can get away with my work pants for as long as possible šŸ™‚

    Glad everything is well and your enjoying each day. Next update must include a belly pic okay!!!

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