Um, What!?

This is pretty old now, but it caught my eye.

“A Canadian radio station sponsoring a “Win a baby!” contest has chosen the five lucky couples who will each receive $35,000 worth of IVF treatments, but not before telling them that only one couple would win.” Um, what!?

Make sure you read the full article here.

The reason this article is so fascinating, is the comments below it. Make sure you hit ‘All’ to see every one. I love that a bunch of articulate, educated, independent, feisty women band together to TAKE DOWN those few ignoramuses who dare drag out the old, ‘Why don’t infertile women just adopt/foster!?”

Cheered me immensely to read them.


5 thoughts on “Um, What!?

  1. The comment just adopt seriously upsets me. I was so sure this cycle was going to be a fuck up I started investigating it. In our state maybe if we are lucky between 11-20 adoptions per year. Yep, and it is all open and the birth mother has supervised access rights

  2. 4x per year. Awesome right. You have to wait six months after treatment before you can even start planning and it takes a long time to even start. Why don’t you just adopt……..fucking arsewipes.

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