I’m Spotting

It’s light. But it was there. It seems to have stopped this morning. I’m not sure.

I nearly fainted with fear. I’m far away from home, from Dr D, from ‘my’ hospital.

Trying not to get myself worked up. Trying to be rational. Trying not to overreact.



13 thoughts on “I’m Spotting

  1. Oh honey I’m so hoping everything is ok for you. Sending you many positive thoughts and vibes your way. I”m not sure if this is helpful but is there any way you can get an ultrasound where you are?

  2. Thanks. I’ll see how I go. If this continues I’ll call Dr D this arvo/tomorrow and see if she wants me to have one … There is somewhere relatively close.
    Thing is, Mon/Tues is the soonest she said an US would ‘work’.

    We’ll see. Thank you for your message. It helps.

  3. I hope this turns out to be nothing. I spotted throughout the first trimester – and it completely freaked me out every time it happened – and all was OK. I really hope this is the case for you, too!!

  4. My thoughts are with you right now. I can’t imagine your stress. I do know that I have heard of many women spotting during the first trimester. Try and breathe through it, hard as that is, and take time to enjoy your vacation. We are only a blog post away with support – you don’t even have to run spell check and proof read. *hugs*

  5. All I know to say is keep the faith. I’ll be sending you all sorts of prayers and happy thoughts and good vibes. Keep us posted!

  6. I have my fingers crossed for you that everything is okay. It’s amazing and wonderful that you were able to conceive naturally! Take deeps breaths and hang in there!

  7. Oh, I hope it is nothing to worry about… But it is impossible not to think the worst.
    I don’t know if you have read my blog while you are away, but I had a BT today and am PG too. Very early days, but lets hope we can both make it this time, after our dismal June disappointments and share this journey together!

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