Sunday, Grey Sunday

The optimism of Thursday has given way to a mildly grim weekend of waiting.

I am feeling so terribly pre-menstrual, but in a strange, strange way. Clearly the Progesterone Dr D has me taking is holding off a period. It feels sad, and unnatural. We fell pregnant naturally, and now my body is trying to begin my period naturally.  Yet these drugs have me in a chemically-induced holding pattern.

When we’re in an IVF cycle, it’s OK – like it’s all part of the plan. This time, I just want to get back to normal and be thankful for what we did get, instead of sad for what we’re losing.

I also have awful dizziness and clamminess – symptoms I recognise as hypochondria-caused, coming from a heady dose of anxiety. I know, because I’ve felt like this before. My brain is a powerful beast, and it’s very good at manifesting psychological blips in very real, very physical ways.

So, like I said. Monday afternoon can’t come soon enough. I have a great, but intense, few weeks coming up of OS visitors and travel. I want to focus on that, rather than the tail-end of this.

Starting with this: a link I found last night, that at another time may be upsetting. For some reason though, this weekend I took this in the way it was intended – with pure celebration and joy. If you’re in the right mood, click through.

Photo Essay: ‘I’m Going to Be a Dad’

“UK-based photographer Tom Robinson takes us back to the good old days in his series I’m Going to Be a Dad. His brilliantly simple idea? To photograph his friends, family, and coworkers as he told them that he was going to have his very first child with his wife Verity. The resulting candid images — and the wildly different immediate reactions people have — will make you smile.”

Image: thank you.


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