Spread ‘Em

While we’re taking August and September off IVF, one of the agreed treatments with Dr D was a hysteroscopy to ‘clean out the pipes’. I have read that this can increase the success rate of the subsequent IVF round, but I’m a little dubious. We had the same hopes after my laparoscopy back in 2010, with no luck.

Either way, it’ll be an interesting exercise – and yes, I know this makes me sound like a creepy hypochondriac who seeks out hospital –  but I feel better for having some form of treatment to focus on in the time off between rounds.

Has anyone had a hysteroscopy? What was the recovery like? I’ve been told it’s a lot better than a laparoscopy, because obviously you don’t have an actual incision to worry about. I’m booked in for the beginning of Sept and my recovery will sit over the last free weekend Mr Bun and I have before his parents arrive for two weeks (!!)

Will I be mobile enough to tizz the house up? Because, you know, I clearly have my priorities in order …


8 thoughts on “Spread ‘Em

  1. I just had one about 3 weeks ago. I had no pain and never needed the pain medication. The same day I was able to move around, although tired. 2 days after I was back to my normal self, moving around and what-not. Of course there were restrictions afterwatds, though. Don’t lift anything over 5lbs, no sex or anything in the V for 2 weeks, blah blah blah but I never had an issue. Hope that helps and good luck! 🙂

  2. I had a hysteroscopy before IVF 2.3 and it was painless and it worked because I got pregnant on the FET, I just didn’t stay pregnant. I also had a D&C and that assisted greatly with my next transfer. I am all up for a little spruce up in the tubes and ute. I would do it again but I think that people might start thinking I was out of control with the hospital visits……..

    • If you can afford it – physically, emotionally and financially – do what’s right for you. Don’t give two wahoos about what other people think. Infertility is such a private, emotional, personal thing. No-one else truly understands except for you and your partner.
      Thanks for the info. It’s in a few week so will report back.

      Just out of interest – how long b/w your clean out and starting your FET?

      • I had the hysto, D&C and biopsy on cd 21, so three weeks before transfer. This time with my ET they are actually going to sedate me so they can slightly dilate me and have a smooth transfer, so yep I am going under again! Good thing I love general 🙂

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