I’d like to thank …

Still being relatively new to this blogging game, you have no idea how STOKED (Aussie word for my lovely OS readers) to see my daggy (another Aussies word) little blog pop up on the supremely awesome Chon‘s nominations list for A Blog With Substance Award.

I’m still working my way through a small but growing list of fabulous blogs. There are obviously so many out there, but it’s a bit like finding a few friend, isn’t it? You look for commonalities – experiences (obviously), but also a way of looking at things, a sense of humour, a fresh perspective, a common outlook on the world. When you find another blogger out there who has all of those things – well. It’s like looking up over your coffee/glass of vino to a person you’ve just clicked with and thinking ‘Oh. Wow. I have a new friend!’

And in our world, this is all the more special because – hell – we need all the support we can get.

So, the rules are pretty simple. You list out 7 things about yourself, and then you nominate 7 other beautiful bloggers. So, here goes –

  1. I am blind as a bat
  2. I like cucumber instead of lime in my G&T
  3. I speak to my dog in a ridiculous voice that deserves scorn
  4. I love the smell of jasmine on balmy nights. Little else makes me happier
  5. I blush. Bigtime
  6. I still wish on the first star I see every night
  7. I have a fierce obsession with stripes


And, the legends:

  1. Lauren Self Destructs
  2. Womb for Improvement
  3. Fucking Infertility
  4. Love and Other Drugs
  5. Endo and Beyond
  6. Waiting, Wishing, Hoping
  7. Chon (I know I’m probably not allowed to, but I had to!)



5 thoughts on “I’d like to thank …

  1. Omg stripes I had to comment. Last week I wore a different outfit with stripes evey day. By the end we all agreed stripes were my thing!! The thing I love about blogging and the shared experiences is that it is nice to know I am not the only loon out there!!

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  3. Ahh thanks.

    I blush too. It is excruciating. I am sure half the guys i work with think I fancy them because as soon as I feel the start of a blush I get worse – it is self perpetuating.

    And I use to be blind too (minus 6 in both eyes) but got them lasered a couple of years ago. Awesome.

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