You’d think I have enough distractions.

My birthday is coming up (and it’s a big one), my job is frantic to the point of almost-constant mild hysteria, my kitchen is about to get ripped apart and my inlaws are arriving in six weeks. But, I can’t turn off the stuck-record in my head: ‘barren barren barren barren …’

So, when Mr Bun and I went to a gig this week I was whingeing inside and the record was on high speed. It was too late, too cold and too inconvenient – particularly for a school night!
But when Elbow popped out on stage, the giant mirror ball dancing over the crowd, dusting us with twinkling lights, I started to smile. And I didn’t stop for two hours.
They were so infectiously joyful, Guy Garvey’s voice so mesmerisingly beautiful and the crowd so happy to be there … it was FUN. I know, right? Remember fun?

We got home late, and even though I only had five hours until I had to get up and drive to my (negative) beta, I didn’t mind. My cheeks actually hurt from grinning and my feet ached from dancing.

They closed with this – one of their best. I wish I had a clip from the actual gig. The energy was incredible. The lyrics are stunning. The whole thing is just so – life-affirming.

It felt good.


(Image: thank you)


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