The IVF Lottery – Thoughts?

This has been making news in Australia for a few days now. The journos of such illustrious (!) sources as the Herald Sun and A Current Affair are having a field day. ‘WIN A BABY!’ they crow.

If you haven’t come across it, the Victorian Govt is considering adopting a recent UK initiative to run an IVF Lottery. With one £20 ticket you go into the running to win:

“£25,000 ($37,000) worth of fertility treatment to realise their dream of parenthood. The prize includes accommodation at a luxury hotel, a chauffeur to take the winner to appointments and a personal assistant. The winner will choose their own fertility clinic, as well as having their fertility drugs and therapies paid for.”

Frankly, whether you agree with the lottery or not is up to you. What’s been niggling at me is the hysteria around the scheme as something that allows you to ‘buy a child’ …

Seriously. Do these people have any idea? The chances of conceiving with IVF are slim, of actually carrying a baby full term even slimmer. I had to laugh as I watched the news last night. To listen to the stories, you’d think that any round of IVF was a sure-fire, guaranteed way to take some pills and pop out a baby nine months later. What no-one seems to be focusing on is an IVF round – whether it’s all-expenses paid; or scrounged, begged, borrowed and stolen for – isn’t about getting a baby at the end. It’s just about a chance. A hope.

I don’t think any of us are in the position to take hope away from people. Without hope I wouldn’t be here.

(image: thank you)


One thought on “The IVF Lottery – Thoughts?

  1. Yes – the majority of the population do think that IVF is a guaranteed baby – if only this was true, I would have a seven month old baby in my arms right about now!

    The lottery doesn’t bother me, one was or another- it might mean some people who can’t afford to pay for cycles might be able to win one.

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