I Got Nothin’

News just in from Nurse Awesome: no dice on the frozen front. Neither of our remaining two embies made it to blasto stage. None. Nil. Zero. Zilch.

I asked her if that meant that the third of the batch – the one they transferred – was less likely to take. She said no. Am I being superstitious and weird, or does that not make sense? I guess it doesn’t matter anyway. Now we just need to wait wait wait for July 29th.

What she did say, was that having frozen 5-day blastos was ‘extremely lucky’. They didn’t tell us that! Who knew? We were walking around for months with the full and established right to be super smug, and we had no idea! I really am surprised (and, yes, concerned) that we have had such dramatically different embryo quality from one round to the other. Granted, it’s been nearly a year between the two – but why?

It’s a question for Dr D, for sure. I expect the answer will be as about as enlightening and helpful as most of the other answers that come out of that office, ‘We don’t really know for sure …’

I’m not as upset as I thought I’d be. It’s disappointing. Hugely. But this stim round was a little more manageable, so the prospect of another one so quickly without the buffer of a few FET rounds in between isn’t completely horrifying. We’ll see how I feel in a few weeks, and of course (HA!) there’s always the chance it won’t come to that.

In other news, I am on DAY SEVEN of my time off and I’m getting pretty bored. I hung out with my Mum yesterday, which was nice. Pootled around some overpriced furniture stores then ate too much for dinner. I think I may go for a WALK this afternoon. It’s still colder than a witches tit, but it’s sunny today.  I had breakfast in the local cafe this morning and the regulars were congratulation the husband-and-wife owners on their just-announced pregnancy. She’s due on the 15 February. That’s when I would have been due.

Symptoms-wise, I got nothing. Some sore boobs, but I’m pretty sure that’s the Progesterone.

This is a crap post. I’m sorry. Maybe I’m feeling a little flatter than I first thought.

IVF sucks hairy balls.


3 thoughts on “I Got Nothin’

  1. Ok I know I shouldn’t have laughed but you made me giggle. If it is colder than a witches tit you should be where I am and plural that tit. I am so over this freaking cold. I live in Australia the land of the sun burned life guard god and here I am with 47 layers and thermal underwear it isn’t cool. The freezing thing blows, why couldn’t they have frozen some rippin’ 3 dayers? But I hear you on the ability to recycle, if you throw a few negative frozens in there the whole notion of going back again is sort of scary. I wrote to clinic #1 today and said I didn’t wan to hear the term it is just a numbers game ever again.

    Finally you are right. IVF does suck – but big hairy balls. Just to clarify.

  2. I’m sorry there were no little ones to freeze…and there really is never any point asking because like you said they never know, or as my doctor says, it’s just “back luck.” I’m thinking you me and Chon must have a shit load of “bad luck” – maybe it’s about time for some good luck – starting with you and a positive result this time around.

    IVF does suck and I’d go one step further and say it sucks big hairy dogs balls!

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