Bum Bullets

I mentioned earlier that I’ve now moved into the ‘comfy womb’ phase of my drug program. A fair swag of the mini pharmacy that I’ve set up at home still falls into the ‘experimental’ category. But I am willing to try anything – including sticking meds up my wotsit three times a day ( … stayin’ classy as always).

I am currently plying my body with:

– 10mg Predisolone every day 

No side effects to this stuff, apart from the pills being bitter as hell. I’ve been taking this for a few weeks now – it’s a form of steroid that falls into the ‘NK Treatment’ category*.

– Estraderm patches every three days

Took these last FET, and again no real side effects, apart from the gross ‘lint’ marks they leave in your bum after peeling them off … ooh ahh sexytimes for Mr Bun!

– 3 x 200mg Progesterone pessaries every day

Also took these last FET, although this round Dr D has asked me to stick ’em up my bum.

I’m truly sorry. There was no other way for me to say that.

So, there they go, three times a day – apparently they absorb better that way – and I don’t need to wear knicker-liners**. Silver lining, hey ladies!

You know what, when you’re perched in the office loo in very high heels and very tight jeans, trying to negotiate a slippery bullet-shaped pellet up your backside – WELL, let’s just say this career gal has taken multi-tasking to a whole new level.

… Sigh. Needless to say I am appreciating being at home, at least for the first week.

– 40mg Clexane injections every day

There’s a lady, who will remain nameless, who has kindly posted a vid on YouTube discussing how phenomenally painful these needles are. And how impossible they can be to use. And what hideous bruises they cause. THANK YOU KIND LADY. NOW I AM FREAKING OUT.

I actually stuck my first one this evening, and it really wasn’t that bad. Which is a good thing, because if I’m blessed enough to get pregnant, I’ll be a pin cushion for many weeks to come.


OK friends. Tomorrow’s Transfer Day. Hope you have splendid Saturdays planned. xx


*Keeping in mind Dr D doesn’t even know if I have NK cells, she’s just throwing these bad boys in for good measure. I’ll take ’em. I’ll take whatever she gives me!

**I REFUSE to use the p*nty word. Urgh.


4 thoughts on “Bum Bullets

  1. Oh you poor thing- sounds like your on a whole myriad of drugs – i hope it all works out for you- good luck for the transfer.

    You made me laugh out loud when I was picturing you at work, sticking progesterone up your butt! I guess it makes sense- it would absorb quicker!

    Good luck!

  2. Ahh suppositories – taking farting to a whole new level. (Not that *I* fart you understand, but I’ve heard …)

    Clexane stings a bit more than Buserelin, but I found ice on the spot before really helped. And in the scheme of things, compared to having a doctor half way up you – it is a piece of piss.

    Best of luck with the transfer.

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