It’s Collection Time Kids!

And … we’re go.

Collection is booked in for tomorrow morning. My second scan yesterday  showed plenty of happy blobs, merrily bobbing away on screen.
Unlike my last (and first) stimulated round, I didn’t ask how many follicles there were. I guess this time I’m more aware of the odds, and also have more emotion invested in getting a good number of 5-day embies (last time we got three).
So – ‘cos I’m weird and superstitious – I’m trying not to put too much pressure on the Pick Up.

I’ve been a lot more brutal about taking sick leave this time. Today’s my last day at work and I won’t be returning for a week and a half. I figured that I’ll need a fair bit of time to recover from tomorrow (see below), and then I’m going to try and recreate the super-chilled-happy-quiet-time post-Transfer bubble of last round.

I’m a leetle nervous about the procedure. Last time around, I ended up back in Emergency the night of the Collection, howling like a banshee and unable to move. It was a fair crack at the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.
They admitted me, dosed me to high heaven on morphine, and I subsequently spent a week in bed on heavy duty painkillers.
The diagnosis? Unexplained. The likelihood of it happening again? Unsure.

So, yeah – clearly the first priority is a successful and productive Collection. But I’m also crossing my fingers I get through tomorrow without wailing for my mother and promising I’d do ‘anything – just make it stop’ … Yerk.

See you on the other side!


Image: thank you


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