Friday is Bloat-day



This will be a quickie as I’m at work, in the quiet of the early-morning office. This week has been about reacquainting myself with the Puregon pen, and popping my 10mg of Solone every morning.

I half hoped the little dose of steroids would do something for my wobbly bits. Ha! I think the hormones are stronger than that though. I’m definitely … bloatier … than I was at this point last stim cycle. My Puregon dosage’s only gone up by 50ml to 200ml a day, but that’s clearly enough to give me a 10-donut-binge stomach this early on.

My high-waisted skinny jeans are becoming less fashion statement, more medical necessity from stopping the entire world wondering what the hell’s going on down there.

Anyhoo. Had the first blood test and scan today, and I’m up to 14mm diameter in at least one of my follicles, so have officially started my Orgalutran injections too. I hate those bad boys. Can still feel it as I type. Ouchee.

So, I’ll carry on prodding my increasingly fleshy belly and head on in for another scan on Monday morning. Fingers crossed we’re all on track, which means this time next week I should be recovering from my Collection.

You can probably tell by my tone that I’m feeling pretty upbeat. Even with all of the drugs and needles and tests, this is still the best part. Everything’s moving in the right direction. This little control freak can tick off her days and cross meds of lists and it all seems terribly … normal. I’m just trying not to think about the end of the month.

Hope all of you ladies are tracking along well. Happy Friday to you xx


4 thoughts on “Friday is Bloat-day

  1. Orgalutron solution – ice pack for 1 hour immediately after. I am still waiting for my damn P to return but the bastard is taking it’s time. Of course!! Good luck!!!

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