Bring on the Big Guns

So, apparently we have a progressive, aggressive Fertility Specialist.

This week we had our follow-up appointment after last month’s third, failed round. We are out of frozen embies and looking down the barrel of our second stim cycle. Dr. D is … not the best when it comes to bedside manner. There was no gushing, no mourning and certainly no apologies. Instead, she matter-a-factly told us two things:

1. She is sure we will get pregnant. ‘You will have a baby’ were her words (heart LEAPS)

2. She is surprised that after three rounds, we haven’t done so yet. ‘With your history, and age, I really would have thought you’d have been successful by now’. (heart DROPS)


Anyway. She ran through her proposed treatment with us. And boy, are we throwing everything at this one.

  • Even though I was re-hospitalised the night after my first egg collection with extreme, unexplainable pain (seriously, that shit was MEDIEVAL), Dr D says it wasn’t hyperstimulation. Hence she’ll be increasing all dosages for this stim cycle leading up to the next collection. Last time they picked up 8 eggs. She wants more
  • We’ll go again with the Colorado Method as per last cycle, but ramping up both dosages and potency
  • We don’t want to wait the 4-6 weeks for a hysteroscopy (when I had the same tests done in Feb ’10 during my laparoscopy, nothing untoward was found). She said that didn’t matter much, as next round she’ll be treating me as if I have NK cells anyway
  • And we’ll be using HA-ICSI prior to fertilisation – even though Mr Bunless’ spermies are A-1 OK
  • We have already both been chromosome tested via blood tests (again, nothing nasty found)

We sat in her neutral-coloured office, surrounded by smiling babies looking down from hundreds of glowing Thank You cards and blinked. When you have no other hope, nothing else to do, nowhere else to go – you just say yes. You take the badly photocopied literature and say thankyou. Leave her office while she’s already moving onto her next case and drive away wondering just how many times you’ll need to do this.

It wasn’t until I got home that evening and started pootling around, internetting the treatments, that I realised just how ‘extreme’ some of these approaches are. Dr D was very forthcoming about how unproven and experimental some these are. Yet that’s not the point – it’s the fact that she’s just offering them up. We don’t have to ask – beg – plead – to try. And that makes me feel great.

She mightn’t have the best bedside manner, but god – I’m glad she’s got our back in this fight.


Image thankyou: dunechaser


3 thoughts on “Bring on the Big Guns

  1. Her bedside manner may be wanting, but she seems AWESOME to me!! I begged my FS for many of these things, but he was too convinced he was god to take anything from me (and too addicted to me paying for stim cycle after stim cycle I suspect). Hooray for an aggressive approach! You don’t want to have to wait – throw everything at IF now and defeat it! 😀

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