Bunless Update #1

Well, I’m five days into my first HRT FET.  No side effects so far, apart from a little pot belly that looks like I’ve gone on one mother of an epic carb spree. The Estraderm patches are a pain in the bum – literally. But yeah, I think I’m on low enough doses to keep the hormone wolves at bay.

I’ll keep popping my pills until my ultrasound next week, when hopefully everything is looking just as it should. And then it’s the transfer. Gulp.

You know? I don’t want it. At least when I’m taking the drugs and making appointments and ticking off dates I can carry along in the pre-fug of IVF, where you can lull yourself into the rhythm of routine. Post-transfer, it all becomes real – where the idea of another failure looms large.

So this is the update. The calm before the storm.

(image thank you: Cara )


12 thoughts on “Bunless Update #1

  1. It’s already next week–! I hope you’re doing well. It is interesting (or something) how those dates and checklists carry you along. And then it all stops and it’s just you and your thoughts for two weeks.

  2. You are not alone. I have yet to begin any IF treatments. I’m new to this whole world of craziness, but I know waiting. I know pain and sadness. I know getting your hopes up and then being sorely disappointed when you feel PMS coming on strong. What’s worse is when you don’t feel a single cramp and go pee to find red spotting and you just want to die. I’m right there with you!

  3. (Here from LFCA) Best of luck with your upcoming FET! It is scary to be that close to transfer – you are so right that once that transfer happens is when the realness sets in.

  4. Wishing you all the best on your FET…drugs do strange things to us all…I get so excited injecting myself …but yes my hormones have been irrational at times..all worth it…

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