(clears throat) … Hello?

Lots of firsts here. First blog entry, first blog, and certainly first blog about the heady journey through the joys (?) of IVF.

I’m an Aussie bird who’s been trying, with impressive amounts of failure, to get pregnant with her husband for over two years. My infertility not only sucks, but it’s unexplained, which just sucks more.

I work in an amazing job with amazing people that also happens to take up 90% of my waking hours. I own a beast of a dog who drives my INSANE, but whom I also love like crazy. I’m only starting to realise that I’m not a very good cook. I love junk TV, particularly the stuff that makes me cry.

I do know that I live a happy, healthy life that most of the human beings on this planet would only dream of. I am lucky, and grateful.

I also cannot fall pregnant. An no-one knows why. And it makes me boilingly mad, desperately devastated and sometimes, just truly truly sad.

This is my blog. A way to vent, share and hopefully meet some others who know what this is like. To share the sour moments and laugh about the surreal ones.



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